"...the sweetest and most eager to please dog in the field..."

JaseHey there, we've never met but I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with one of Reuben's pups! Our boy Jase, Palisades Fear the Beard, recently completed his Master Hunt title and qualified for the 2018 Master National at 31 months old. He went 6/6 in his tests only needing to be handled to one bird, they definitely weren't any handout or cupcake tests either. He was one of 6 dogs in Lyle Steinman's career to complete their title without any failed attempts. Lyle wanted to purchase him because he thought he was HOF material but we couldn't part ways with our boy! He continues to be the sweetest and most eager to please dog in the field and in our home with our 2 yo son. I'd love to send you pix if you're ever interested! Thanks again.

-- Mike S.

"...standing on the shoulders of some outstanding breeding..."

I just wanted to pass along a "thank you" for helping me get a wonderful dog. My pup's granddad was Jaybar's Picture Perfect, and it has been pretty clear for a while that he got a lot of what made his family history so special.

My dog is SpringHill's Prince Charles MH (Chip) and he picked up his QAA this past weekend at the Jacksonville Retriever Club's D/Q. He needs one more MH pass to qualify for the Master National this year and will try for that this weekend near Orlando.

It has been a pleasure watching this pup learn and grow, but it has been clear that he is standing on the shoulders of some outstanding breeding in the past, and for that I'd like to express my thanks and appreciation.

More than anything, Chip is a big part of our family. Besides being smart, he's simply the sweetest dog I've ever had. He loves to be by my side at my farm as we hunt and enjoy the outdoors. It for this reason that I do not anticipate letting him go after his FC, though I have no doubt he could get it. We just enjoy having him around too much and I've yet to find a problem with that!

Thanks again for working so hard to put together this fine line of dogs and I hope to see you one day while you're in SW Georgia.

-- Albany, GA

"...easily the best all around dog you could imagine."

Great to see you guys are still going strong with labs, breeding and field trials. Remember the male pup you sold us 13 years ago? His mom was one of your dogs(very sweet) and the sire was General Patton who I think won the National Open the following year. We named him General Pattons Marsh Rocket and we called him Rocky. Dave D'Hulster and Sandy did the obedience and field training for hunting. Rocky was our 6th lab and easily the best all around dog you could imagine. A marvelous duck hunter! Unbelievable drive, desire and always went downwind into flooded corn or other heavy cover and almost always got his bird. We had a cottage on the South Channel on Harsens Island and our long dock was at least 4 or 5 feet off the water. When a dummy was thrown 60-70 feet off the end of the dock, on being sent from the yard, he would race out the dock and do an incredible water entry at least 15 feet thru the air into the river. On top of that incredible hunting and retrieving drive, he was a house dog and pet and was without a doubt the sweetest lover we have ever had. His desire to please was amazing and he would never do what he new was wrong. We put him down at 13 last December after he went deaf and blind. We are going to throw his ashes off the end of that dock this Spring.

We hope you are both happy and healthy. We are in a major change in our lives. We sold our place and 220 acres last December and our looking for a house on the St. Clair River in Algonac or Harsens Island, where I was born and raised and still have close friends here. Golf, fishing and duck hunting is on my agenda for the future. Just wanted to let you know how Rocky turned out. We will be looking for his replacement when we get settled on the river. Maybe you will have one for us.

-- All the best, Larry and Dodie.

"Can't imagine a pup for us that isn't bred by you."

Howdy Barb,

We are living in Missoula which is not far from Ronan. I would like to see the 2012 CHAMPION win the 2015 Championship. What are the dates? Rocky will be 12 in March so I am just starting the looking process. I would like a pup from Dice's blood line. He was a fine retriever and I miss him every day. He gave our family two wonderful sons, Sampson and Rocky. They are the product of another of your breeding, Tera. She passed this past June at 14. I don't know much about breeding but I trust your judgment entirely. Can't imagine a pup for us that isn't bred by you.

-- From big sky country, Joe

"...Rookie has saved my life twice..."

I just wanted to send you a message from a former owner of one of your pups from- Hi-Hope's Ginger Brandy CD WCX *** OD. His name was Hunter and you sent him to me for Obedience Comp dog, but I need you to know he ended up giving me much more. His reg. name was Jaybar Waterside Hunter CDX, CGC (4/15/1990-12/12/2005) "Hunter" I bred Hunter, He won multiple titles, HIT and more and he continued the line for four generations, Waterside Sportin an Attitude (1997) "Rowdie" Hunter's son. Waterside Hunter's Ma'Kya (2001) "Jerico" another Hunter sons. I trained, loved and enjoyed both of these wonderful boys. I bred "Rowdie" and he gave me a Hunter grandson Waterside Bosox Boys O Sumer (8/12/2003-5/13/2016) "Fenway". He was an out of control, off the wall full of life boy. He was trained through Utility and some field work, but due to a tough marriage and then the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I never earned any titles on this phenomenal boy, he would of made you proud with his drive. I did breed him and I now share my life with his son, Hunter's great grandson "Rookie" Waterside Bosox Future CGC (2010) I have since through the help of a Service Dog organization trained Rookie as my Mobility Service Dog. He is the reason I am sending you this message. Although I have no plans to breed Rookie as I lost Rowdie, Jerico and Fenway to cancer. More important than any title, Rookie has saved my life twice, once when I fell and broke my tailbone and was unable to move, and another time when I fell and was alone, he stayed with me and alerted neighbors who called EMT's. He is also fully trained for Obedience Comp and has had some field work. But most importantly he is my lifeline. Thank you Barbara and Jerry for giving me such love, joy, and the love of four beautiful souls.

-- Thank you, Susan

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