Jaybar Dogs Past & Present

National Amateur Finalist
2015 U.S. National Amateur Finalist!!
Jaybar Platinum Release "Usher" with o/h Jerry Younglove 2 Derby wins and a second at Snowbird, Tallokas and Womens FTC March 2012
Barb and Rueben
FC AFC AFTCH Jaybar American Idol "Reuben" with O/H Barbara Younglove wins the Open at the Women's FT March 27-29, 2015.
Jerry and Seaside's Ace of Spades
Seaside's Ace of Spades and O/H Jerry Younglove Derby 1st and 2nd Fall 2012
Jerry and Barb
Finalists at the 2012 U.S. National Amateur Championships
Emma and Barb
Emma, Click and Surge
Three Field Champions
Barb and Rueben
2014 Canadian Amateur
Barb, Emma and Lumpy
Emma and Lumpy with Barb taking 1st and 3rd at Wolverine RC amateur stake
Lauren and Reuben
Reuben 6 months old
Jaybar Fendango "Fendi"
Barb and Floyd
Jaybar Dark Side of the Moon "Floyd" and O/H Barbara Younglove. 2 qualifying wins back to back at Jacksonville RC and Women's FTC March 2013
Jerry with Adam Acres Muddy Creek
FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Adam Acres Muddy Creek wins Limited Open at Snowbird RC December 6-8, 2014 at 10 1/2 years old!!
Barb 2 Wins!
Our Beloved Chewie
"Truck Dog"
"Asher" Jaybar Legend Of The Fen
Jerry and FC AFC FTCH AFTCH "Cree"
2011 US National Amateur
Jerry and AFC "Surge"
FC AFC FTCH AFTCH "Emma" and AFC FTCH AFTCH Jaybar Click On "Surge"
Reuben, Barb and Blaze
Cleaning up at the derby!

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